Who We Are?

About Rishikesh Divine Yoga School

When ignorance dominates the field of awareness and state of consciousness is also ignored and this is the root cause of all the problems and human suffering this is where the yogi starts to rise and elevate, the yogi who cultivates these qualities from a place of passion, liberation and freedom.

Orniginally came into existance in 2015, Rishikesh Divine Yoga School we created a safe palce where you can devote yourself through all the practices of Yoga. Our sages in the ancient times always said that just doing asanas is not yoga so here you will study the power of mantra, philosophy, meditation, Kriya and pranayama all the tools to aid you on your spiritual growth.

A beautiful yogashala located in the forest close to Laxman Jhula and 2 mins away from sacred river Ganga, as you enter this healing space you feel different. The founder of this school Yogi Ashish offers a modern approach to these secret teachings. With small classes and giving individual attention to your spiritual progress in its complete form. Yoga Alliance USA certified school Rishikesh Divine Yoga School offers and 100 hrs, 200 hrs and 300 hrs yoga teacher training course and yoga retreat programs in Rishikesh, Kerala and Nepal.